Vibe TV Live Pakistani Punjabi Entertainment Channel

Vibe TV LiveVibe TV Live

Watch Online Free Vibe TV Live Channel Broadcast From Pakistan. Vibe TV is a Pakistani entertainment TV channel with broadcasts.

Pakistani Royal News programs 24 hours of the day. Now you can watch live streaming of Vibe TV via internet on your laptops and computers. After shutting down production in 2009.

Vibe was purchasing by the private man investigate fund Inter Media groups Partnered and is now issue semimonthly with the double cavers. with a larger online presence. The magazine’s targeting ideographic is predominately young Times Now urban followers of hip-hop culture. In 2014, the magazine moved online-only.

Pakistani Punjabi Media

Vibe TV is one of famous among young’s of Pakistan. N Vibe has a wide range of top stories entertainment TV shows watch by billions of Pakistani every day. Vibe TV Live a registered Satellite TV channel supporting in Pakistan by Media Groups Unlimited (Pvt.). aired across 132 countries World wide. Vibe TV has many of shows like music, fashion. theater cooking, travel.

News and Current Affairs

news and current affairs Shows present with a Urdu spanking new look. Vibe TV also providing a great opportunity for cross Sham shad TV with no promise on the quality as the entire process from the footage watch to the final up linked transmissions is entirety digital. Watch Vibe TV live streaming online.

American entertainment music

The Vibe TV Live features R AND B and hip hop ROCK music artists. Vibe TV Live actors and other entertainers. The Media owed its success to feathering a brocading range of interacts than its closet competitors. The Source and Online Roze which focus more narrowly on rap music. or the rock and pop music center Rolling Stone and Spain. As of June 30, 2012. Vibe has a circulation of 310,944. of which 212,429 was paid, and 98,504 was non-paid.

Publication history

Quintina Jones launching Vibe in 1993. in partnership with Time Inc. Originally. the publication had been called Volume before founding editor. Scats Poul and sons Bryant gave in the name Vibe. Though hip-hop mogul Russ-all Simians was rumored to initial partners. publisher Lan Burrnett revealing in a May 2008 interview that Simmons. clashed with editor-in-chief Jone than Ven Meter.

finally Vibe TV Live

Miller Publish bough ting Vibe in 1998. Pushto 1 TV and shortly afterward bought Spin. Private equity firm. The Wicks Group. boughting the magazine in 2008 Jonathon Van Meter’s successors were Alan Light. Danyel Smith, Emil Wilkins, Mimi Valdes. and finally Vibe TV Live. On June 30, 2009, it was announcing that Vibe was shuttled its doors and cheesing publication immaculately. although according to Essence, Quincy Jones has watched he would likes to keeping it alive online.

Vibe TV Media Partners

After shutting down, private equity investment fund Inter Media Partners. LP bought Vibe Magazine. They have said and they have feel privilege to surcharge and resurrect such as a stories brand. They added Uptown Videos to Vibe’s Office company, Vibe Holdings.

Vibe Magazine Media

Vibe Holdings complex in the by now Black Look Media Group to form Vibe Media in 2014. On April 24, 2016 it was announced that Vibe Magazine along as soon as and Pushto 1 TV Live Pakistani Pashto Channel had been sold to Spin Media for an undisclosed unconditional. Spin Media was thought likely to shut the length of Vibe’s print magazine Kay 2 TV Live by the fall of 2013.

which a representative stating. “Weon the order of yet exasperating to locate a print model that makes economic wisdom in the digital age. Instead they clip the magazine’s frequency to quarterly.

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