Pushto 1 TV Live Pakistani Pashto Channel

Pushto 1 TV LivePushto 1 TV Live

Watch Online Absolutely Free Pushto 1 TV Live Channel Broadcast From Pakistan. Pashto One Live Among appendage regional language channel. Pashto 1 has a significant area. The channel City 42 TV watched in all areas Pushto 1 TV Live reside.

Pashto 1 TV is unique regional language channel launched to cater the audience of Pakistan. The channel offers unique and humorous content. Pushto 1 TV Live joined to sports, music, temporary. Online Sindhi News TV Live Streaming current affairs and what not.

Pashto One Live TV

Pashto One is commended by the viewers of Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa. and add-on parts of Pakistan where Pashto is understood. Some of the popular Pashto One shows telecast garnish Howzzat. Showbiz Page. Channel 24 Express. VJ Shrrang, Ladies Lounge. Pashto Drama, Shama Cooking Show. Da Lounge, Radyai Drama, Khuda Zamin say Gaya nahi. Zauq e Afghan, Cyber Malgariz. Ma Ta Pta Da, Fashion Passion, Sports Mag to say a few. Pashto 1 shows goal to manage to pay for you a final doze of entertainment and instruction that you are looking for.

Funding and Support

N.R.Liwal an Afghan pioneer. philanthropist and his associates are the investors in Pushto 1 TV Live. Other sources of allowance add occurring sale of assert content. Liwal Distance School Subscription. advertising Shamshad TV Live From Pakistan broadcasting Services

Pushto 1 TV Live Shows

The channel broadcasts Educational and mostly speak shows. The bearing in mind is a list of notable shows Name. the best Comedy De Iona Hinda (News). Den sow Dania Religious. Diwali Distance School unique Educational. Nananai Shanan (Political). Capital TV Live Streaming from Pakistan (Messages from Audience). Yaw chak chak (Comedy)

Awards of Pushto 1 TV

2011 – Pashto TV were both nominated and won the man. than rave review in the category of E-EDUCATION and LEARNING in the year 2011. In 2012 Pushto 1 TV Live awarded in category Culture Documentaries. there were again 110 Participating Channels and very approximately 20 in Culture Documentaries. together as well as the participants the Farsi1 sister channel of Apna Channel and Pushto 1 TV Live. Pashto TV profaned as Leading in Digital Media 2014 by Digital TV Europe. The Euro 55 Special Issues a specialist issue of the Digital TV Europe. that reflects and honors the achievements of individuals operational across. the pay-TV and broadband industries. An annual message that’s now in its eleventh year. the Euro60 celebrates those who have demonstrated outstanding leadership.

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