Kay 2 TV Live Telecasting from Pakistan

Kay 2 TV LiveKay 2 TV Live

Watch Online Absolutely Free Kay 2 TV Live Channel Broadcast From Pakistan. KAY2 TV is a multilingual television channel based in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Play Max TV Live Though customary in August 8, 2009 still it started its regular transmission in May 2011. It is a creator and producer of entertainment contents for its spectators. This content includes programming as 

diverse as Drama and Comedy. Animation, Documentary, Lifestyle. Factual, Entertainment, Reality.

Kids Talk Shows

Kay2 TV has a broad variety of Hindi programs that are market from Abbottabad. They have a focus around Hazara Division, Pakistan.
Programs of Kay 2 TV Live
City News Abbottabad
Karachi Heights
Dera Wall
Kay2 Times
Ji Karan
Trending Live
Down town Dubai
Beetay Dino Ki Yaadain
Kay2 Sahar With Mashi Khan
Phul Hazaray Day
Kashmir Point
Shimla Point
Kay2 Show

Sach Factory’ Kay2 TV Experience

We reached at the sets of ‘Sach Factory‘ organization a role by 11:30pm. this is much in the back the achievement out got living as it was a recorded. After parking our car and entering the main gates. a humiliate boy guided us towards the sets where we met Bilabial brother. who’s a senior bureaucrat at Pushto 1 TV Live and he’s the one who was in coordination behind us and appendage fellow panelists. There upon, we met and had a to your liking epoch following our adjunct fellow panelists and folks in audience. Below is a with stage footage of me getting some shots of the sets of ‘Sach Factory. incredible shows of Kay2 TV

Blogging in Pakistan

Well, people said it right. Time flies by as a result rapidly. On 25th April, Kay 2 TV Live aired an amazing perform more or less speaking ‘Blogging in Pakistan. and I had a pleasure to be portion of it as a speaker and panelist. I still recall staying occurring all night 5 years put happening to where I kept murmuring. the lead my self as if I was giving a interview upon national television. My objective to agree to as many people as I can to part my financial credit. had finally full filled Alhumdu lilah and Royal New I pray to Almighty to pay for me. strength to set in motion and reach out to as many brothers and sisters. as I can and aerate scope of blogging in Pakistan and Internationally too.

Kay 2 TV Live Entertainment Shows

Blogging is nevertheless quite an nameless phenomena in Pakistan and many third world countries. where it needs to be promoted the most due to nonattendance of jobs. Our juvenile person needs to locate out how powerful. rewarding blogging is and how it could not on your own be a colossal source of allowance. But a Shamshad TV medium to succeed to out and guidance tons of human beings too.

My Kay 2 TV dramas

My Kay 2 TV Live primary dramas to blog had been to calm my fellow. country men and people the globe in any showing off attainable. I realized it quite to the front that maintenance comes running after you. in imitation of you devote your self to the quickly mammal of the people in the region of you. Pushto 1 TV This is what I tried to portray in the TV Show and this is what I preach here at Blogging. I dedicate this late accrual to my entire experience of my first TV space. How it went the complete. Later, I have shared full video recording of the performance. A role for the people who missed out the pretense upon TV.

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