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Dawn News Live TV is one of Pakistan’s 24-hour Urdu news channel. Based in Karachi, the station is a subsidiarity of Pakistan Herald Publicans Limited. Dawn News Live TV is Pakistan’s largest English-language Geo News media group.

The exam transmission of the station occurred when reference to May 25, 2007. and the channel went living in the region of July 23, 2007. Originally in English, upon May 15, 2010. Dawn News converted into an Urdu news channel after affluent test transmission of four hours a hours of daylight. The conversion was mainly due to its financial Urban Music crisis and skinny viewership in the country. Express 24/7 replaced it as Pakistan’s lonely English news channel briefly. Dawn News Live TV was shut down by Express Media company for financial problem. Watch Online Comedy Time TV Live. The channel has an online stream ardent upon its website for foreign viewing. History Of Dawn News

Oldest English Language Newspaper

The founder of Pakistan. Quad-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah launched the Dawn newspaper in the 1941s. Dawn News is the oldest English and Urdu language newspaper channel in Pakistan. Dawn News was launched as Pakistan’s first English news and current affairs channel. The channel has bureau x in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad. Quetta and Peshawar. The channel¬†USA TV has the power to meet the expense of liven up transmission from detached areas via satellite, so enabling whole and prompt news coverage from across the country. After a brief test transmission. the channel went alive upon July 23, 2007. Over the attachment few years the channel has respected its fame mammal the most credible voice in the murky paol of electronics media, in Pakistan.

Dawn Urdu News Channel

Keeping in view the public request. Dawn News had decided to commencement a cut off Urdu news channel. But in the back launching the cut off channel. This is started a 3-hour Urdu and 5 hour English transmission within its Channels NEWS. which was in the make unfriendly along increased to 12 hours. The channel officially put an Almost Legal Tommy suspend to its English language programming upon May 15, 2010. Dawn News has out of the undistinguished a number of massive stories. It was Dawn News Live TV which exclusively offer. the footage of the assassin of former Prime Minister Benghazi Bhutto. It was Dawn News that got ascribed official assertion from Pakistan. that lone remaining gunman of Mumbai terror attacks Ajmal Kasaab was a Pakistani.

Dawn News transmission

Dawn News has covered major broil including Laal Masjid operation. lawyers leisure leisure goings-on. military operations in tribal areas and 2008 general elections. Most of the grow antique. the channel exasperation its rivals despite limited resources. Dawn News transmission is watched in each and every one urban areas of Pakistan. It as well as has access Britrox Music to the rural population. wherever the cable reaches. Dawn News is in life considering several satellite TV channels. which add taking place BBC World, Sky News. ABC News and Al-Jazeera and can be watched in the US, Europe. Middle East and Africa. In U.K. it can be accessed through Sky cable at Channel 855.

Dawn News Programs

Awam ki Baat
9 Do 11
Faisla Awam Ka
Bhais Baadil Ke
Qaum Ka Sense
Mano ya Na Mano
Ye Hai Zindagi
Disra Rukh
Bakhbaar 5

Dawn News Competitors

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CNBC Pakistan
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Express News
Geo News
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