Channel 24 TV Live

Channel 24 TV LiveChannel 24 TV Live

Watch Online Absolutely free Channel 24 TV Live Broadcast From Pakistan. Channel 24 is a private TV channel of News from all Pakistan. the station is created by media charity. they are the leading financing Enterprise of the every country. Channel 24 Live is the summit Pakistani News TV Channel Pushto 1 TV Live, Watch Live Streaming from this Official Website.

Channel 24 is a general information television channel in Bangladesh. It was launched on 24 May 2012, and is owned by Kids Zone Times Media LTD. It has gained popularity for news, scripted, and non-fiction programs.

History Of Channel 24

The first anniversary of Channel 24 was observed on 24 May 2013. A day-long program was organized at Chittagong center of Channel 24 TV Mecca Live, at Agrabad Sheikh Mujib Road. Match previews, point tables (graphics), key factors (graphics) and other analyses are displayed and discussed graphically.

Sports 24 History

Channel 24 is the live interpretive sports news bulletin. called Sports Channel 24 TV Live, four times a day. The primary foci of the night bulletin are local and international sports events, including daily events. special reports, 92 news analyses and investigative reports.  Each day includes a dedicated segment for one of the seven divisions of Bangladesh. There is also an “Event of the Day” and “Moment of the Day” in the night bulletin. A segment called “Off Track”, focuses on soft stories. During the Thursday night bulletin, burning issues, problems and corruption of sports are discussed. On Friday, stories of a struggling sportsman are displayed.

Indoor Uni Cricket 2016

The Clemon Indoor Uni Cricket Tournament was a week-long, eight-a-side, indoor cricket competition by three erstwhile cricketers. It started with thirty-two Geo Super  universities at National Indoor Stadium in Mirpur on 26 February 2013. Channel 24 broadcast the 55 tournament matches live.[1] This was the first time in Bangladesh that the game was aired live.

Channel 24 Programs

Following programs are being telecast by Channel 24 TV Live. Ab Masood Raza Keh Saath • Breakfast with Sajjad Mir • Weed Maps Bol Apney Liyai • DNA with Arif Nizami • Khara Sach Luqman Keh Saath • Mujahid Live • Sona Chandi ka Pakistan • Nasim Zehra Doc 24 Investigator 24

Lifestyle And Entertainment

Channel 24 TV Live links to softer health, lifestyle and entertainment stories across the network through their Special Focus or Inside News24 sections, Fun Little Kids both of which appear on the homepage. Other Channel 24 TV Live • Health24 • Women24 • Traveller24 • Wheels24 • Food24 • GoTravel24 • Channel24 • Parent24 • • News24 • Wheels24 • Fin24 • News24 Nigeria • News24 Kenya Ancestry24 • Careers24 • Property24

Multimedia News24

Multimedia has been part of News24 since 2009. According to Daniel Calder wood, News24’s multimedia editor. The multimedia groups section remembrances the new age thought of journalism by offering the best in visual storytelling through video, slideshows and galleries. This enables the reader to better understand the Express Entertainment news with a broader insight into specific issues and topics”. Having grown to an average of 150 000 unique browsers  per month. it is the biggest multimedia component of a news website in South Africa.

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