Abb Takk News TV Live Streaming

Abb Takk News TV LiveAbb Takk News TV Live

The Introduction of Abb Takk News TV Live started its operations on the 14 of October, 2004. Based in Pakistan Abb tak TV live and Waqt News TV Live  is a regional language channel providing entire content in Urdu and Punjabi. Ab tak live News transmitting was imitated from Thailand but

the HQ is based in Karachi. It broadcasts a retriever of programs ranging the sports to information to reality programs. Ab Tak has played a decent role in clearing some miscommunications of the Punjabi and is the fantastic channel through Vsh News which you can learn about the Punjabi society. However it is of a much lower scale and fails to compete with the dominant names due to its unique goal but it still is one of the dominant names in its own class.

Table Talk

Abb Takk News TV Live Table Talk is rank in between the most popular politicians talks shows of Pakistan. Although this show is a part of a newly situated channel and is hosted by one of the new names in Journalism, Zindagi TV Live. The show possess a duration of 1 hour and is on air into the channel from every Sunday till Friday. Unlike the other talk shows of Pakistan this show holds a simple pattern in which the host use the call up very different personalizes relating to politics. The discussions topic may includes some sort of hot political issues and other social problems from the current era.

Tonight with Fareeha

Tonight with fareeha is a social, current and political issues talk show on Abb Takk News TV Live. The show is hosted by Fareeha Idress. who is up to the mark while performing her duties. She is a very talented host is well known for her bold comments and arguments. She is an experienced journalist and Waqt News have served for other channel too. Just like the other Talk shows of Pakistan. She use to call up several government officials and political personalities from all across Pakistan. She debate over any particular matter of the time having a crucial impact onto the country.

Tonight with Jasmine

Tonight with Jasmine is the most watched show on aired on Abb Takk News TV Live. This show host is the very strikingly and fear-lass Journalist Jasmine . Basically it is a political and social affair talk show and having an anchor like Jasmine make it more worth full Sindh TV.

Khufia TV Show

Khufia is the most impressive show on aired on Abb Takk News TV Live. The show aims to cater each and every raging problems of our society and tries its best to convoy the problems toward the higher authorities. Conducted by the dynamic and famous host Sana Faisal. All though the show only process a duration of on hour but still the host and the team of Khufia strives up to their to show us each and every side of a particular matter and that’s why they are spotted in between the bests in such sort of jobs and watch more LIVE TV CHANNELS.

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